Cannabinol CBD has a significant effect on mental illness

In the past December 2017, the movie “Love Van Gogh” was released nationwide. Although I didn’t go to see it, I deeply felt from the circle of friends that everyone loved and regretted the art master who had passed away…

During the last two years of his life, Van Gogh created a lot of works. During this period, he was deeply involved in mental illness and finally committed suicide when he was 37 years old. In addition to suffering from epilepsy, Van Gogh also suffers from mental illness, which is very confusing. What is mental illness? Is mental illness a mental illness?

Whether it is a mental illness or a mental illness, it can be collectively referred to as a mental illness.

➢ Mental illness is the most difficult form of mental illness. It is also called mental disorder, which is often called mental disorder. Psychiatric diseases have pathological reactions such as perception, memory, and impaired thinking ability, and they have many classifications, such as schizophrenia and neurosis.

➢ The concept of mental illness is more broadly defined. Under the influence of various biological, psychological and social environmental factors, brain dysfunction leads to different levels of mental disorders such as cognition, emotion, will and behavior, including mania. , depression, psychological disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc.

Psychological diseases, as the name suggests, are caused by psychological and spiritual aspects. When Van Gogh’s predecessor situation collapses, he is not met, and suffers from genetic epilepsy and other diseases, he will suffer from mental illness.

Like Van Gogh, there are many people with mental illnesses:

Before suffering suicide, Leslie Cheung said: “Every time I meet a group of friends to chat, they will ask me why I am not happy, I always see no smile on my face. I think I may suffer from depression, as for the source of the disease. It is dissatisfied with oneself, dissatisfied with others, and more dissatisfied with the world.”

In the last few years of his life, Newton, who has autism, hardly talks, and is not hot or cold for his few friends. Sometimes he even loses his temper. If no one visits his lecture, he will Speaking in an empty classroom.

In today’s society, there are countless people with mental illnesses, and the number of people who die from mental illnesses is increasing. In today’s age, too many people are sick, whether it is schizophrenia, depression, mania, or bipolar disorder. We don’t have to marginalize them too much. Everyone is the same. Between the beings, they just have a “cold” mentally. How to treat this “cold” has always been a difficult problem. Apart from psychological counseling and drug stability, there seems to be no special way.

In 2013, researchers at the University of London published a study in a psychopharmacological research report that cannabinol CBD (no psychoactive ingredients in cannabis plants) can effectively eliminate symptoms such as fear and anxiety in mental patients. The researchers brought together 48 mental patients who participated in the experiment, making them curious to touch the color box. When they touched the box, they would have an electric shock. After the electric shock, these people with mental illness will have fear.

The researchers took CBD drugs to these frightened and emotionally unstable mental patients. After a period of time, their mood stabilized (CBD drugs stabilize the mental patients, the effect is different from the stable drugs, and they will not go to sleep immediately) That is to say, the CBD can effectively alleviate and eliminate mental patients who have physiological reactions such as fear and anxiety due to external stimuli.

In addition, Israeli researchers compared CBD with amisulpride, one of the most common effective drugs for the treatment of schizophrenia, and found that CBD is as effective as this conventional drug with no side effects.

A foreign netizen wrote a message on the marijuana website: I have a borderline personality disorder. I tried various drugs to treat my disease. When I use marijuana, miraculously, I don’t need a psychiatrist to treat me. The disease is gone.



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