Talking about the importance of industrial cannabis seeds

Seeds are the most basic and important means of production for industrial cannabis, a new type of economic crop. The legal and compliant seeds are a special and irreplaceable part of the development of industrial cannabis industry. It is the carrier for the public security and drug control departments to play a regulatory role; especially in law The seeds that promote the marketization of the industrial cannabis industry have become a special commodity with high technology content. In a certain sense, industrial cannabis has increased production and income, and legal seeds have played a key role. Therefore, seed safety is related to industrial efficiency and farmers’ income, which is related to the overall situation of the country’s poverty alleviation.

First, the main problems of seed safety

Ideological problem

With the implementation of the “Law Law of the People’s Republic of China” and the industrial cannabis being listed in the “Anti-drug Regulations” by some provinces, the main body of the industrial cannabis seed market has shown a diversified development trend, and the market competition is fierce. The farm seeds and wild species are mixed. Even the situation of oversupply of staged and structural varieties of seeds has arisen, causing many managers to increase irrational thinking about seed issues. For example, seed supply can be completely regulated by the market and does not require government consideration; the use of seeds is independently selected by the masses and does not require government guidance; seed production and management are arranged by enterprises themselves, and there is no need for government regulation and control. Such unscientific and unsettled Understanding and ignoring the important position of seeds in the industrial cannabis industry chain will directly endanger agricultural security and affect rural economic development and social stability.

2. Seed quality problems

The “Seed Law” stipulates that if a seed business operator specializes in packaging seeds that are no longer being packaged, or if the seed operator with a seed business license is entrusted to sell the seeds in writing, he may not apply for a seed business license. With the vigorous development of industrial cannabis and the increase of seed production and management units, the competition in the seed market is becoming more and more fierce. In order to occupy the market and expand sales, various companies have added consignment sales points as a means of seizing the market. Some companies will entrust the blanks. The consignment book is given to the county-level agent, and there is a phenomenon of arbitrary entrustment, entrustment and entrustment; some companies are not well managed, the goods are severely inter-regional, and the seed sales list cannot be provided, which complicates the seed source and leads to a significant increase in seed quality risks. The phenomenon of lack of product consistency caused by seeds is becoming more and more serious, and will ultimately seriously damage the interests of the majority of farmers.

3. Number of seeds

After the implementation of the “Seed Law”, with the deepening of China’s seed marketization, the seed has changed from a commanding and planned production operation to a market-oriented production and operation. The government’s regulation of the entire seed market has weakened, although in China, the main crop seeds. The licensing system for production can play a certain role in the macro-control of the seed market. However, since seeds are different from other commodities, seed production and management have both market and natural risks. On the one hand, seeds are seasonal. Seed production is highly dependent on climatic factors. The annual seed yield is variable, and seed production and sales activities are carried out at different time periods. There are great blindness in different periods of production and sales. This particularity of seeds determines that seed production and management will always be in a state of large fluctuations, which is prone to backlogs and shortages, and it is difficult to achieve an effective balance between market supply and demand.

4. Seed use problem

Industrial cannabis has been listed in the “Anti-drug Regulations” by some provinces. In the industrial cannabis seed market, there are many seed management entities, a large number of seeds, and a large variety of supply. The management varieties are new, multi-disorder, disorderly and miscellaneous; seed management is not in place. New situations and new problems have brought many safety hazards to farmers using industrial cannabis seeds. For example, some business units are making huge profits, exaggerating publicity, and inducing farmers to purchase unapproved major crop varieties. Some of these varieties do not adapt to the local climate and soil environment; some have poor adaptability and low resistance, and farmers are likely to cause large-scale production reduction or even production after planting.

Second, the main countermeasures and measures to ensure the safety of industrial cannabis seeds

1. Establish and improve the seed management system according to law

The market economy is the legal economy. Industrial cannabis seeds must face the market. It is necessary to regulate the seed market by the usage system. Governments at all levels should consolidate and improve the existing seed management team, and work harder in accordance with the requirements of the Provincial Anti-drug Regulations and the Seed Law. In terms of personnel arrangements, we must fully consider the characteristics of their professional law enforcement work and ensure the overall team. Quality. The agricultural administrative departments and seed management departments at all levels shall publicize and implement the relevant laws and regulations such as the “Anti-drug Regulations” and “Seed Law”, strictly handle affairs according to law, strictly handle the procedures, strictly discipline the work, and adhere to the statutory standards. Governments at all levels and relevant departments should provide support and guarantee for seed law enforcement to ensure the normal operation of seed management.

2. Establish and improve a virtuous cycle of seed production system

Although the construction of industrial cannabis seed production system has begun to take shape, it should also be noted that the current seed production infrastructure is still weak, mainly due to insufficient investment in infrastructure construction, resulting in poor base disaster resistance; some existing seed production bases are scattered. The management of seed production bases is not standardized, and it is prone to illegal seed production outside the seed production area. Due to the lack of isolation conditions for illegal seed production outside the various seed production areas, technical guidance is not timely, and it is restricted by many factors, such as It is impossible to produce qualified industrial cannabis seeds. If mixed into qualified seeds for sale, affecting the overall seed quality of the base, these inferior seeds enter the seed market and are applied to agricultural production. The damage caused is serious and the consequences are unimaginable: in addition to strengthening the construction of the production base facilities, We must do the following work: First, strictly prohibit unlicensed enterprises from producing; second, strengthen the management of standardized seed production bases; third, equip technicians with specialized seed production; fourth, implement unified production plans and uniforms for seed production. Production management, unified technical services, etc. Only in this way can the industrial cannabis seed production system enter the orbit of a virtuous cycle.



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