Water-Soluble CBD(100mg / Gram)


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【General Name】Water-Soluble CBD(100mg / Gram)

【Character】White to pale yellow loose particles

【Bulk density】0.34g/ml

【Aqueous solution】The aqueous solution is colorless to light blue, transparent and viscous

【Flavor】It has a distinctive aromatic odor and an aqueous solution with a bitter taste

【Ingredient】10% CBD,the rest 90% pharmaceutical grade or food grade inert excipients,Harmless to human body and environment

【solubility】 It is soluble in aqueous ethanol, solubility 1g/100mL(0.2g CBD/100mL)

【Usage】Take the product into the container, according to the required concentration of the right amount of water (add at least 100 times the amount of water), with hot water (heating, stirring or ultrasonic) can speed up the dissolution; Soak in cold water for about 4 hours before dissolving completely. Shaking will have bubble phenomenon and disappear in static. Without any preservatives, dissolved as soon as possible after using, or it may grow or mildew. Solution will be cloudy after heated to 100 ℃ and recover after a clear status in cold ; After damp heat sterilization (121 ℃, 15 min), the solution can form gel, room temperature or low temperature (4 ℃) under stirring (or vibration wave), gel can restore a clear solution

【Package】 The inner packing is medical low-density polyethylene bag, the outer packing is polyester/aluminum/polyethylene medical composite bag, and the transportation packing is carton or cardboard bucket

【Specification】10g,25g,50g,100g, 500g,1kg

【Storage】Keep it in room temperature, dry and dark, forbidden to coexist with strong acid, strong base and oxidant

【Shelf Life】12 months

【Attention】 The product is not stable solid easy turning purple with light

【Attachments】COA,SDS& Product catalog(If required)

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