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PanGu Group, founded in 2007 and headquartered in Changshu China, is today China’s leading Agri-chemical business group. PanGu is ranked the 2nd largest 995 glycerin manufactuer by market share in China with market share of 35%. 

At present, the two strategic layouts of Pangu Group are chemical and agricultural. It has 3 manufacturing plants and the world’s largest refining plant at Tangshan. We acquired two chemical laboratories in Nanjing and Beijing. PanGu has setup subsidiaries or branches in Beijing, Qingdao, and Curitiba, Brazil.

Since 2015, PanGu has been active in the dry food and fresh fruit business, with over 80 containers exported every month, PanGu have been dominate the Brazilian garlic market in term of exporting volume, the quality of the garlic was consider the highest quality in Brazilian market, and its Lemon, Ya Pear and apples are well sold to Europe and Africa, also in South-east Asia, under our two trading company – QingDao Tiny Wuya International trade co. Ltd,  and  QingDao Tiny Maque International trade co. Ltd

PanGu have various contracted factory in JingXiang, YanTai, Jining for its dry food & fresh fruit business. Based on its own need, PanGu comes with PanGu Fresh (1-mcp) at year 2017.

In the agricultural plate, we work with more than 100,000 acres of production bases, including tropical fruits, temperate fruits, berries, and vegetables.

PanGu’s portfolio of high quality processed agri-chemical products is the preferred choice of the chemical industry. PanGu is a firm advocate of sustainable growth and is committed to its role as a responsible corporate citizen.


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At PanGu, we believe that talent is our most important resource. We attract talent through an appealing vision and gather talents by through common causes. Furthermore, PanGu insists on systemic innovation and creating a fair & just environment to cultivate talent. At PanGu,every employee is judged by their capability not by their appearance. Employee advancement is based on employee contributions. What’s more, PanGu takes care of people’s needs and offers competitive salaries and a broad career development space for the employees. PanGu is trying hard to do a good job of attracting talent, retaining talent, and cultivating talent.



PanGu Chemical has set up R&D centers, business centers in Changshu, China and manufacture base in Tangshan,China, which is currently the largest 995 glycerin manufacture worldwide ,has set up subsidiaries in Brazil. Meanwhile, PanGu Chemical is setting up manufacturing bases in Brazil.



ChangShu, China | Floor 1 – 5, Block 3, WangYuHe Bridge, Lian Tang, ChangShu City, China.

Tele:+86 0512 5153 1080



Branch office:

Beijing, China | Building 15,  HuaQingJiaYuan, Wudaokou, HaiDian district.

Tele:+86 18510882203



Branch office:

Curitiba, Brazil | R. Prof. Pedro Viriato Parigot de Souza, 3901 – Campina do Siqueira, Curitiba – PR, 81280-330

Tele:+55 41 3387-3564