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PanGufarmer was established by PanGu group, an experienced Chinese fruit producer, in 2008. With over 100,000 acres of plantings, including tropical fruits, citrus fruits, stone fruits, and vegetables. We have our own pack factory, cold storage and transport fleet. Our goal is to spread a healthy lifestyle and make the fresh fruit available to people all over the world.




We supply different varieties,including Fuji apple,red delicious apple, qinguan apple, golden apple, jiguan apple and gala apple.

Our pears come from Hebei Province and we can export all kinds of Asian pears, including Ya pear, Su pear and crown pear.


Citrus Fruit

We mainly export oranges,mandarins,lemons,pomelo,etc. Our pomelo comes from Fujian province, the best quality production area in China. We can ship 400 containers of pomelo per year. We have cultivated grapefruit by ourself, it could be the only grapefruit plant in China.


Stone Fruit

Our farms grow varieties of peaches, plums, apricots, nectarines, mandarines and grapes.