UV cure resin


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Technical characteristics:
Appearance Water white to light yellow transparent liquid.
Viscosity (mpa.s) 25000+5000
Functionality 2
Color (Fe-Co) ≤1
NCO% ≤0.1
compatibility: This product is completely miscible with most reactive monomers, urethane acrylates and epoxy acrylates.

Physical properties and uses:
The product has low shrinkage, good flexibility, fast curing speed, good film formation, good anti-yellowing, low heat release and low viscosity. Suitable for leather, nail polish, etc.
Packing specification: 20kg, 220kg/iron drum

Storage and transportation notes:
This product should be stored and transported in dark opaque plastic drums or containers containing corrosion-resistant and solvent-resistant coatings. Leave at least 15% of the space in the container filled with air. The packaged product should be stored in a cool environment below 35 °C, and it is strictly prohibited to expose it to sunlight.
Shelf life:180 days